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Lake Toho Bass Fishing Mid April

East Lake Toho Bass Fishing Hit the waters of East Lake Toho for a few hours this morning with Jack. We ran around a little bit marking a few areas of topped out hydrilla and located a bunch of great off shore grass beds. There was a some action on the surface with bass chasing […]

Bass Fishing Forecast for May

With the weather calming down, cold fronts, or even cool fronts now a thing of the past, our water temperatures are now starting to warm up steadily. Early morning schooling action will be very common on Lakes Toho, Butler Chain and Johns Lake. Prop baits, torpedoes, buzz baits and toads will be very good early […]

Bass Fishing Forecast for December

Bass fishing in Florida is usually great in the month of December. Bass are starting to feed up for the spawn. Cold fronts have started rolling through the state not only cooling off our air temperatures, but also our water temperatures. This will trigger bait fish, shad and wild shiners to bunch up, making the […]

Lake Toho Trophy Bass Fishing

Lake Toho Trophy Bass
World Famous Lake Toho covering 18,810 acres of what is indisputably some of the best trophy bass fishing in the State of Florida, and with very good reason.

Lake Toho, Johns Lake and Butler Chain Bass Fishing Report Oct 2009

Orlando Bass Fishing Report The month of October has seen some very good bass fishing action here in Orlando. Johns Lake has seen some good schooling action in the early morning hours with us catching them on steel shad, gitem shad and curly 7’s. Most schooling action has been in the Deer Island Cut with […]

Butler Chain Bass Fishing Report Oct 2006

Orlando Bass Fishing Report  Butler Chain The last few days we have had runs out on Butler Chain, although we have had cooler nights and the waters have cooled down nicely, starting the day out with a surface temperature in the upper 70’s, the bass have not turned on just yet. We have come across […]

Butler Chain and Johns Lake Bass Fishing Report Dec 2007

Orlando Bass Fishing Report The past two weeks has seen some good bass fishing in the Orlando area. Butler Chain we finally started spotting some bait fish pods, although small and scattered, they are showing up. We had several runs out on Butler and with cooler weather, the water temperatures were finally dropping into the […]

Butler Chain and Johns Lake Bass Fishing Report Feb 2009

Orlando Bass Fishing February 2009 Report The month of February has seen some very good bass fishing action here in Orlando. We have had most of our focus on Butler Chain and one of the private lakes that I fish. Butler Chain we have had some good bass come off beds, despite high winds that […]

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