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A Dream Fishing Trip

A Dream Fishing Trip Ken Coon, who just got back from serving over seas. Finally got the chance to do some bass fishing in Florida. Even though this fishing trip was long over due, better late than never! I am just glad that I had the opportunity to meet Ken, and put him on some […]

Bass Fishing Forecast for November

November Bass Fishing, Folks this is the time of year we really start to get excited. Cooler weather has finally grabbed a hold of us which makes things very nice when you’re out on the waters of Central Florida chasing after those trophy bass we have down here. Live wild shiners become one of the […]

Bass Fishing Forceast for October

October Bass Fishing in Central Florida is off the hook folks! This is the time of year when we generally get our first cool front of the year, which not only helps to bring down the air temperatures, but it will also lower the temperature of the water in our lakes. Bass fishing will be […]

Bass Fishing forecast for September

The month of September is typically one of our hottest months of the year. For this reason, most people will feel the bass fishing will not be any good. I am here to tell you this is far from the truth. The early morning bite is typically a very good bite, hitting the water early […]

Bass Fishing Forecast for August

What can we say, but HOT HOT HOT. August is one of our hottest months of the year. Typically this would mean for some very slow bass fishing here in Florida lakes and rivers. Most anglers will start their day out very early in the morning, sometimes just before sun up they will be sitting […]

Bass Fishing Forecast for July

July is a hot month here in Florida, but believe me folks, the bass are still biting down here.It’s the same thing every year, the weatherman, who is over paid and wrong 99% of the time seems to try to scare people away with crazy out of the world hurricane forecasts. We as guides follow […]

Bass Fishing Forecast for June

June is the start of our heat, and most people think the bass fishing season is over. This is far from the truth. Early morning action is still very good. Live wild shiners will still get good numbers of bass and some scattered size to five pounds. As the temperatures warm up during the day, […]

Bass Fishing Forecast for May

With the weather calming down, cold fronts, or even cool fronts now a thing of the past, our water temperatures are now starting to warm up steadily. Early morning schooling action will be very common on Lakes Toho, Butler Chain and Johns Lake. Prop baits, torpedoes, buzz baits and toads will be very good early […]

Bass Fishing Forecast for April

Schooling bass fishing action is still here! Early morning top water action is usually off the hook. Even as the day warms up, you will still be able to get some top water action going. The spinner bait bite is a good bet for catching bass throughout the day, as well as using rattle traps […]

Bass Fishing Forecast for March

March is always a good month in Florida for Trophy Bass. Not only can you catch them on wild shiners, but you can also catch them on top water lures. Buzzbaits and toads will draw some vicious strikes and some fun action on the waters of Lake Toho and the entire Kissimmee Chain. Rattle Traps, […]

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