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Testimonials from a few of our client

Hi Tim,
Just wanted to say thank you for a great time. My husband and I both enjoyed it very much. Couldn’t have asked for better weather!! I have attached a picture of me and my first bass ever. I am so proud and have sent this picture to a ton of friends!! 🙂 We will be contacting you again and will also give your name to friends of ours who love to fish.
Thanks again for my first bass!  Oh, and don’t forget……………I caught 5 and hubby only caught 4. YAYYY FOR ME!!!
Thank you,
Vonda Ward
“Vonda’s first ever bass was a 7 pounder


Thank you for your guide today.
I & My son ( Atsushi ) had realy enjoyed Big Bass fishing .
And also , My Wife & Doughters amazed our picture I & Son caught
We will also check your Web site to watch our video .
Thanks again .

I hope you & your family have a good holiday season & a happy new year .

Yushi & Atsushi  
Date Fished December 26th 2009



I read a bunch of your reports for John’s Lake. This past Friday was the first time I ever fished it, I normally fish the West Coast….Rousseau, rainbow river, Withlacoochee etc. Anyway, I own my own bait company and have written many articles for various publications, as well as did a few TV shows over the years. Johns lake is a really nice looking place. It is similar to all the water i fish, every spot just looks so good, you’d think it should have fish everywhere….but, we all no it doesn’t. Any way we found them just before the Deer Island cut through, on the East shoreline and we followed it south in 10 to 12 ft. Lucky Craft LV 100’s in Ayu and LV500’s in aurora gold did the trick. No big fish but we got a few 2lbers. The docks and shallows were dead, the hump just as you get into the horseshoe produced a few small fish. I got a 10lb channel cat on a LV500 and took a few pickeral on a Spit n Image. Thanks for your help directing me to a game plan.
Craig Defronzo


Dear Tim,
A big thank you for my very enjoyable day’s bass fishing last week on the Butler chain lakes. It was my first time (we have nothing like this in England!)& you really helped me out, culminating in a couple of bass being caught.
I am now back in the UK… & guess what? “It’s Raining”! How did the peacock bass fishing session go in Miami? I hope a few ended up in the boat.
Lovely looking fish (looked pics up on www) & I bet they battle all the way to the deck!

Next time I am out in Florida I will look forward to a couple of days out on the boat with you, hopefully not to long till I get back to the sunshine state.

Got your business cards & will recommend you highly to any one wishing to Fish with a “true pro”!

All the best…
Kind regards
Malcolm Pearce – Tech IOSH (Health & Safety)
Date Fished May 21st 2009



I wanted to thank you for the advice you post on the website. I moved to Florida about a year ago. I get on the water about twice a week. I have been fairly successful catching bass and specks on John’s Lake and the Clermont Chain but never had a day like I did this past Saturday after reading your posting. I prefer crankbait fishing. When I saw your posting about John’s Lake and using steel shads I ordered a few. I went out from sunrise to about 11 am. Caught over 30 bass, including one that was 8lbs. I even caught a 7lb grass pickeral.

Thanks again. The next time I go out with a guide or someone asks who to recommend I will be recommending you.

Joe Lebryk
E-mail recieved on May 3rd 2009


HI Tim
Just wanted to Thank you so much for the great time me and my son had with you the day of our fishing trip. You are a great guide and a great person as well. You showed great professionalism and tried your best to get us that really big one but the small ones were just as fun. Hope to see you again in January of 2010. Thanks again for a great day and great memories.
Ken Garippa (the father)
Date Fished Nov 24th 2008


wanted to say thankyou for the great time and great info on the butler chain my dad caught a 5lb largemouth in lake butler on a steel shad that you gave us my self caught plenty of smaller ones on the zoom trick worm now I’m back in pa freezing to death I’ll see you in January 2010 to fish lake Toho thanks again

kenny g…
Date Fished Nov. 24th 2008


Hi Tim,
It’s Brian from this past Monday’s fishing trip.  I just wanted to say thanks again for taking my cousin and I out.  We had a great time….He couldn’t stop asking fishing questions the whole ride back.  Hopefully he’ll continue and keep the sport growing.

If you’re ever up in this area, feel free to get in touch with me about local spots or tourneys.  Oh yeah, and keep me informed about those lures you’re making when you put them on the market.  I’m always looking to upgrade my tackle!  Thanks again Tim.

Date fished Dec 1st 2008


Hey Tim

First of all I have to thank you so much for writing about our whole trip and my picture on your web site.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I never expected that at all .. but I am very grateful for you doing that ! you really did make my 17 year long dream come true!! You never gave up on finding me that bass! You did everything I asked you for and then some when I booked my trip with you

I was very impressed that thru our day together you didn’t forget a thing that I had asked from you. You didn’t ask me what else did you want to do today ? you were up to date on the client you had in your boat. you taught me how to cast better, how to tie up WAY WAY BETTER for a man with “ms”. You are a great fishing guide, and I really had a blast just talking and laughing together.

Thanks again for the HONOR to have gone fishing with you and to be on your website Tim!!


Hey Tim,
Just wanted to say hi.. and thank you for my fishing trips 2 weeks ago..
You made my dream of a 5 pounder come true.. what a great day of fishing with you.
Chris Guarducci
Keep catching !!


I’d like to thank Captain Tim Fey of Florida Bass Fishing for a great guide service. I will admit that I was a little reluctant to hire a guide, having never done it before, and hearing stories of how some guides basically do everything for you, allowing you to only reel in the fish, however Captain Tim allowed us to do whatever we wanted, was very down to earth, helped us out with finding some spots, and allowed us to do the fishing. Thank you Tim for a great day.

Rob Atkinson
a.k.a. Bobber


Captain Tim:
I’m watching an HBO special on Lou Pinnella. If anyone can motivate the Cubs to a World Series, he can.
My brothers and I had a great two days of fishing. You made this a major life event. It is a time we with never ever forget. We will see you next year or sooner.
Kevin J. Bligh, CPA
81 Meadowood Road
North Andover, MA 01845



I wanted to thank you for absolutely making our trip to Florida worth while! My nine year old son has not stopped talking about catching a four pound five ounce Largemouth! And how his father “lost another huge bass”! It was great to get the opportunity to learn as much as we did, I really appreciate your willingness to share some great tips and a few great secrets! We are already planning for our next trip next year! Thanks again for everything! We’ll be in touch soon!
Eric and Edward Reinhardt
Boston MA


Captain Tim,

Thanks for a great day of fishing! We had a great time and the pictures turned out great. (My fish looks bigger than Larry”s!!!) Thanks again and hope you can visit Alabama soon!
Terry and Larry


Captain Tim Fey,

Just a short note to thank you again for the terrific time we had fishing with you on Lake Toho (I won’t even try to spell out that crazy lake name) you are truly a gentlemen, and a great guide. My son Billy must have asked me 10 times when are we going fishing again with Captain Tim, We so much appreciate your patience and commitment to making sure we had a super time, which we did and that 9lb fish,I still think she was 10 certainly made the trip all that more special. We will be visiting Florida again next year and we will definitely fish with you again.
Doug Hannon was right you are very good.
Columbus, Ohio



Thanks for the good outing Friday, I know you went out of your way to pick me up at the hotel. I feel like the day was well spent, and I now have an idea what I will be up against cone tournament time. Thanks again and maybe I will see you in October. GOD BLESS


The making of a pro:
Shane learns fast, on the way home he was talking about the fish he caught and after the second time through the story, he had already changed it to, the first bass was 6lbs and then the 12lb bass got away. I reminded him, the first one was a 3lb bass. He also talked about the other two that got away. The one before the 3lb and the one after the 12lb loss. He was counting everything. He has learned the most important parts of fishing, catching fish and having fun!. I am a proud papa!
Thank You for a good time yesterday, it was great being out there with you and my son, I will never forget it.
Shane and I are looking forward to the next fishing trip in July.
Thanks again
Dave and Shane
Dunnellon Florida


Capt. Tim,

Thanks again for handling and putting my “Gang” on fish, you are awesome , I’ve never seen a guide net 3 fish at the same time, that my friend was a sackful. I was nervous with my youngsters onboard,but you are a true professional when it comes to explaining and assisting your clients with catching the Big ones. I had heard stories of 40-50 fish on a trip but never really expected it. Captain you did it, and we look forward to seeing you again on our next visit to Central Florida.
All the best,
Buffalo, NY


Captain Fey,

Many fishermen claim to be qualified knowledgeable guides, but I will emphatically state you are a premier Trophy Fishing Guide. I have no hesitancy whatsoever in recommending your services to any and all fishermen seeking the Bass of a lifetime. I guided for many many years and have a full understanding and knowledge of what it takes to accommodate your clients as well as be successful on the water given any conditions. I do not just consider you a friend but a true professional and highly recommend your services to all Big Bass hunters utilizing live or artificial baits seeking the fish of a lifetime.
Doug Hannon
ESPN’s Bass Professor

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