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Lake Toho Bass Fishing March 7th 2010

Lake Toho Bass Fishing The first week of March has some good bass fishing on Lake Toho. With our trips being of mixed nature, some with live wild shiners and some with artificial baits , this body of water has not let us down. Lake Toho has been fishing great this year. Many may think […]

Bass Fishing Forecast for June

June is the start of our heat, and most people think the bass fishing season is over. This is far from the truth. Early morning action is still very good. Live wild shiners will still get good numbers of bass and some scattered size to five pounds. As the temperatures warm up during the day, […]

Bass Fishing Forecast for May

With the weather calming down, cold fronts, or even cool fronts now a thing of the past, our water temperatures are now starting to warm up steadily. Early morning schooling action will be very common on Lakes Toho, Butler Chain and Johns Lake. Prop baits, torpedoes, buzz baits and toads will be very good early […]

Butler Chain and Johns Lake Bass Fishing Report July 2009

Orlando Bass Fishing Guides July bass fishing has been good for us here in Orlando. Johns Lake as well as Butler Chain have been fishing pretty good, especially with artificial lures. Johns Lake the waters are up considerably which has opened up a lot of areas for the bass to get cover. Grasses have been […]

Butler Chain and Johns Lake Bass Fishing Report June 2009

Orlando Bass Fishing Report The month of June has seen some good bass fishing action on both Butler Chain and Johns Lake.Johns Lake has been good in the early morning with some good schooling action in the cut, as well as some in mid lake areas where hydrilla is present. Water levels are great out […]

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