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Lake Toho Bass Fishing Mid April

East Lake Toho Bass Fishing

East Lake Toho Bass FishingHit the waters of East Lake Toho for a few hours this morning with Jack.

We ran around a little bit marking a few areas of topped out hydrilla and located a bunch of great off shore grass beds. There was a some action on the surface with bass chasing bait fish around, but it was limited to early morning hours. Our main focus was hitting those off shore grass areas and they paid off pretty good.

Although the bass were a little scattered around, if you were in their general area they were more than happy to take the offerings we had for the. Several bass were boated with soft plastics. Using a wacky rig and lizard but the main baits were a rapala crank bait and the Azuma Shaker Z. Water levels out here looked great and water clarity was perfect. Will be hitting East Lake again soon to toss a few prototype lures around to get them fine tuned.

Lake Toho Bass Fishing

West Lake Toho Bass FishingGot an early start this morning out on Lake Toho. The guys wanted to use live bait today so we meet up at Lake Toho Marina and grabbed a couple dozen wild shiners. We had hit a few areas that had been producing bass for us, mostly on the northern end of Lake Toho. We had a couple misses working the grass lines along Lakeshore drive, before we moved over to Gobblets Cove. Some very good hydrilla out here holding some quality bass along the edges. Pitching the shiners next to the edges is always a good bet.

We worked the residential canal for a few hours, with a few misses and a couple boated, along with this nice solid keeper, definitely a good anchor bass. Winds were calm the first part of the day, but believe me, they picked up pretty good.  Once the winds picked up, the bite seemed to have dropped off. Have a 4 hour run out on Butler Chain tomorrow, another great body of water that has been producing pretty good.

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