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Florida Bass Fishing Report March and April 2011

What can I say, the months of March and April have seen some very good bass fishing. We have been hitting several different bodies of water. East Lake Toho had been doing good for us for a good stretch and then the action started to slow down a bit too much for my liking. Spinner […]

Jan 2011 end of month Bass Fishing Report

The past two weeks has seen some very good bass fishing in Florida, especially on the Kissimmee Chain of lakes to include Lake Jackson. Friday some really brutal weather here. Heavy rains, thunder and lightning, not what one would consider a good day for bass fishing. Well we ventured off to check out water levels […]

Florida Bass Fishing with Shiners

Florida bass fishing with shiners in Florida can be an absolute blast!. The best live bait to use of course is the wild golden shiner. These shiners can range anywhere in size from as small as four inches to what feels like 2 pounds at times. Winter time down here is a great time to […]

Week Ending Dec 11th 2010 Bass Fishing Report

Central Florida Bass fishing is still on fire folks. Artificial bait trips are producing some good numbers as well as size. Live bait trips have been off the hook. Lake Jackson has been the hot place to be with my clients boating up to 40 bass in 4 hours of bass fishing using live wild […]

Butler Chain Bass Fishing September 2010

Florida Bass Fishing Guides-Orlando Bass Fishing Guides   Butler Chain Bass fishing has been holding pretty steady. My main areas of fishing with clients has been on Lake Butler and Lake Down. Steel Shad and Redeye Shad have been producing some good numbers out here mostly in mid lake areas where we have found the […]

Spinner Bait Bass Fishing

Florida Bass Fishing Guides-Kissimmee Chain Bass Fishing   Rob, out on the Kissimmee Chain catching some quality bass on spinner baits, all these bass were of schooling bass size but had a lot of fight to them. 30 bass in a day makes for some great bass fishing action in florida “Catch This”TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious

Lake Toho Bass Fishing first week of April 2010

Lake Toho Bass Fishing-Orlando Bass Fishing Lake Toho Bass Fishing Report Bass fishing on Lake Toho the first week of April was great . Several trips out on Lake Toho have produced some good numbers and some good sized bass. For the most part, our clients have preferred using artificial baits and the bass played […]

Lake Toho and Butler Chain end of March 2010

Lake Toho Bass Fishing- Orlando Bass Fishing The end of March had seen some very good bass fishing action.  With several days of higher winds, we opted to hit Butler Chain, which gave us 12 lakes to pick from, with plenty of cover from the winds. Most trips out there had been all artificial bait […]

Lake Toho Bass Fishing March 7th 2010

Lake Toho Bass Fishing The first week of March has some good bass fishing on Lake Toho. With our trips being of mixed nature, some with live wild shiners and some with artificial baits , this body of water has not let us down. Lake Toho has been fishing great this year. Many may think […]

Lake Toho Bass Fishing. week ending Dec 25

Lake Toho Bass Fishing Report Lake Toho Bass fishing has been doing very good thru the middle of the month of December.  Several trips out on Lake Toho have produced some good numbers, and some quality bass. We did a little live bait fishing, bass responded well to this, but the main action was with […]

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