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Questions and Answers

Florida Bass Fishing Questions and Answers

As professional bass fisherman and bass fishing guides in Orlando and Central Florida area, we receive a lot of questions from prospective customers as to what they can expect for their trip and to whom they will be fishing with. Here are just a few of the questions that get asked frequently. I hope this will not only help to make your decision, but help you understand the process.

When I book my trip, will I be fishing with you, or another guide?
When you contact us for a bass fishing trip, you will be fishing with one of our guides you see posted.  Were not a “booking agent” who takes deposits from people and then scrambles to find a guide to take you fishing. We take our job very personal and serious to assure you have the best possible day on the water. If we don’t have an available date for you, we will NOT refer you to another Captain. We trust our guides will do a great job and at anytime you can talk directly with your guide.

What do we need to bring with us for our trip?
We supply all the rods and reels needed for your fishing trip. Bait casters and spinning gear. We carry a full line of artificial lures as well, and keep a full stock of water on the boat at all times. Only thing you will need to have with you is your Florida Resident or Non Resident fishing license and any type of snack you would want during the day.

We are here on vacation and have limited fishing experience, will this be a problem?
We get anglers from all walks of life, from those who have never fished a day in their life, to the hard core tournament anglers. We pride our-self on the ability to be able to teach people to not only fish, but also explain to the different techniques used to catch bass or even crappie.

What if we do not want to use live bait?
Although at certain times of the year, nothing can beat using live wild shiners to catch those trophy Florida bass, we will never tell you that you have to use live bait, or surprise you at the end of the day for the cost of live bait. This is your day on the water, we will make the recommendations, but trust we have enough experience and skills on the waters we fish a great day on the water catching bass anyway you would like.

Are children allowed to come on the trip or not?
Children are always welcomed on our trips. Kids are the future of our industry and there is nothing more exciting or satisfying that watching a youngster catching bass. We have had several children obtain certificates from the State of Florida for the bass they have caught while fishing with us.

What lakes do you fish?
We fish pretty much all of the lakes in Central Florida. Our main focus is of course world famous Lake Toho and the Kissimmee Chain. Everyone knows that bass can turn off at times, so having the ability and knowledge of many Trophy Bass Lakes in our area, weather at times can dictate where we will be fishing.

Do you offer any kind of discount for fishing multiple days?
Yes we do, we have packages for 2 and 3 day trips. If you wish to fish more than that, we will discuss further discounts with you. We also can provide complete fishing vacation packages with hotels and taxes.

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