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Brenda and Jerry Fishing on the Big O

Jerry and Brenda caught some nice size large-mouths using live bait on Lake Okeechobee. Excellent job guys! Till next time tight lines and good fishing…. From Staff Writer Capt. Roger G.(fishing@bassonline.com) BassOnline.com / 888-829-BASS “Catch This”TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious

Florida Bass Fishing Report Week Ending Feb 18th

Paul on day three had his good friend Dave join us on Lake Jackson once again. Dave started out working live bait while Paul worked an arsenal of artificial baits. Tossing creature baits from zoom brush hogs to the Gene Larew Biffle Bug Paul worked it hard. Main artificial baits to produce once again was […]

Week Ending Jan 15th 2011 Bass Fishing Report

Ari and Karl fished 6 hours out on Lake Jackson with me on Sunday and had a pretty darn good day. I believe final numbers were 16 bass boated and a few others missed. Bait of choice was wild shiners and it was a good choice for sure. The guys boated a couple bass that […]

Florida Bass Fishing with Shiners

Florida bass fishing with shiners in Florida can be an absolute blast!. The best live bait to use of course is the wild golden shiner. These shiners can range anywhere in size from as small as four inches to what feels like 2 pounds at times. Winter time down here is a great time to […]

Butler Chain Bass Fishing Nov 7th 2010

Orlando  Bass Fishing has been doing very good as of late. Cooler air temperatures as well as cooler water temperatures have made for some very good bass fishing in Florida.Butler Chain of Lakes has been a great place to bass fish, with the bass starting to school up and move into shallower waters this has […]

Kissimmee Chain Bass Fishing Report Oct 22nd 2010

 Kissimmee Chain Bass Fishing-Florida Bass Fishing Guides Bass fishing on the Kissimmee Chain of lakes has been great! Most of our trips have been artificial bait trip and they have been producing good numbers of bass, 20 to 30 bass in a day, with some good size mixed in.Bass coming in at or just over […]

Kissimmee Chain Bass Fishing

Kissimmee Chain Bass Fishing Jimmie, from Reel Fishing finally got to do some bass fishing instead of always holding the video camera, and he did a great job using live bait “Catch This”TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious

Lake Toho Bass Fishing Mid April

East Lake Toho Bass Fishing Hit the waters of East Lake Toho for a few hours this morning with Jack. We ran around a little bit marking a few areas of topped out hydrilla and located a bunch of great off shore grass beds. There was a some action on the surface with bass chasing […]

Lake Toho Bass Fishing Early Feb 2010

Lake Toho Bass Fishing Report-Lake Toho Guides   The first half of February has seen some great bass fishing action, as well as a few days of tougher bass fishing with passing cold front. The days the bite has been tougher than normal, numbers were down, but the best part was size was up.  Live […]

Lake Toho Bass Fishing, Final report for 2009

Lake Toho Bass Fishing The end of December proved to be yet another good week of bass fishing on Lake Toho.Southern end of the lake is still producing some good numbers for us. Live bait has been a big key to catching bass on a consitant basis but the artificial bite is was still producing […]

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