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Bass Fishing Forecast for December

mannic spinner baitsBass fishing in Florida is usually great in the month of December. Bass are starting to feed up for the spawn. Cold fronts have started rolling through the state not only cooling off our air temperatures, but also our water temperatures. This will trigger bait fish, shad and wild shiners to bunch up, making the bass feeding frenzy some really exciting action to fish.

This time of year bass schooling action is not uncommon and with this going on, bass can be caught in several different ways. Of course one of everyone’s favorite ways is top water action. Top water pop’rs, buzz baits and toads can trigger some explosive strikes from bass.

gene larew crawSpinner baits and blade baits, like the steel shad will also be very effective lures to use to catch schooling bass.
Largemouth bass will start staging up for the big spawn, and bass beds can be seen as early as the first week of December. This is generally when expectations start to rise, people get excited, as catching that trophy bass can become much easier. Anglers will be ready to start targeting bass beds with ten inch worms, craws and a wide range of other creature baits to catch that one gal they have been waiting for.

This is also a very busy time of year for us, as anglers from all over the United States flock to Florida, the Bass Fishing Capital of the World, as they know this is the start of what we call “Trophy Bass Fishing” season.
One of the main targets of course will be world famous Lake Toho which has been known for decades to yield some of the biggest bass the State of Florida has to offer. Other lakes in the central Florida area that can and will produce trophy bass are, Butler Chain and Johns Lake.

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