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She caught the most and he caught the biggest

Hey everyone, Captain Kip Grunloh here with the May 4th, 2015 fishing report. I had an awesome couple from Brazil today, we fished Lake Toho – Orlando for six hours and caught some nice fish. The wind really picked up this afternoon so fishing got a little tough…we still caught some nice fish though. Diana […]

Great Morning Landing (91) Ninety-One Bass

Yeah. Hi, this is Captain John Leech, Went out fishing today with my buddy Jim Sweatman and his friend Ray Peters out this morning. We had a great morning landing (91) ninety-one bass. Caught then all on different things, it was just one of those days. The best lure at the end of the day […]

It was “Simply Her Day” Today

Hi this is Captain John Leech with another Lake Toho fishing report, Today I took Mike Roderick and his three teenagers out on Lake Toho for an afternoon trip. Were they ever so happy they took the one girl along with them, what a bounce it ended up being. Look at the picture you will […]

Lake Toho and Kissimmee Chain October 1st 2010

Lake Toho Bass Fishing and Kissimmee Chain Bass Fishing The bass fishing on Lake Toho and the Kissimmee Chain has been great for us. Live wild shiners of course have always been a good bet to catching some good numbers as well as size, but I gotta tell you folks, we have been slamming some […]

Lake Toho Bass Fishing August 13th

Lake Toho Bass Fishing The last several days have seen some pretty good bass fishing on Lake Toho. Our main target had been East Lake Toho, which has not been letting us down. Action has been remaining pretty steady out here using artificial baits and it does seem that the artificial bait bite has been […]

Lake Toho and Butler Chain end of March 2010

Lake Toho Bass Fishing- Orlando Bass Fishing The end of March had seen some very good bass fishing action.  With several days of higher winds, we opted to hit Butler Chain, which gave us 12 lakes to pick from, with plenty of cover from the winds. Most trips out there had been all artificial bait […]

Lake Toho Bass Fishing March 7th 2010

Lake Toho Bass Fishing The first week of March has some good bass fishing on Lake Toho. With our trips being of mixed nature, some with live wild shiners and some with artificial baits , this body of water has not let us down. Lake Toho has been fishing great this year. Many may think […]

Lake Toho Bass Fishing Report Jan 16th

Lake Toho Bass Fishing The first half on January as seen some good bass fishing on Lake Toho, as well as some tough fishing at times. The tough fishing came when we got slammed with a brutal cold front, brutal that is for Florida.   Water temperatures had dropped in the low 50’s for several […]

Lake Toho Bass Fishing

Lake Toho Bass Fishing. Some more live bait action, although this bass swallowed the hook, she was released alive and well. Lake Toho bass fishing and wild shiners, what can we say. One sure fire way to make sure you catch some good numbers of bass is to use wild shiners. We tend to hook […]

Lake Toho Bass Fishing Dec 14th

Lake Toho Bass Fishing has been great. Wild shiners and steel shad have been catching largemouth bass at a steady pace. Bass fishing in Florida is always a great way to spend some time relaxing on the water with the family. In this video Bob was having a blast catching bass on Lake Toho using […]

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