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Brush Hog Bass In Florida

Today was supposed to be a day of pond fishing on some private waters, but that got shot down with no phone call as to when we were supposed to meet up. I loaded up the boat, even though it was a day off and headed to Lake Jackson. The day started off close to […]

Florida Bass Fishing on Lake Jackson

This is a quick video of Bass Fishing in Florida. Tom Martin was on the boat with me for the day for some bass fishing action on Lake Jackson which is part of the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes and is located just south of Saint Cloud Florida. This body of water is in the Three Lakes Wildlife […]

Wacky Rig Bass Fishing Florida

In this video we are fishing on Lake Jackson which is just south of the great town of Saint Cloud Florida. This body of water holds some great bass fishing with some excellent cover to fish. Everything from reeds to lily pad fields and some very healthy hydrilla. Known as a very shallow lake, at […]

Florida Bass Fishing with Shiners

Florida bass fishing with shiners in Florida can be an absolute blast!. The best live bait to use of course is the wild golden shiner. These shiners can range anywhere in size from as small as four inches to what feels like 2 pounds at times. Winter time down here is a great time to […]

Trophy Bass Fishing in Florida

Bass Fishing in Florida, what can I say. As a bass fishing guide here in Florida I take a lot of pride in what I do for a living. To me it’s not a job but a passion. You can pick from hundreds of guides just in the Central Florida area and they will all […]

Lake Jackson Bass Fishing

We have been doing a lot of bass fishing on Lake Jackson which is just south of Saint Cloud Florida. This body of water has a lot of lily pad coverage and some very healthy hydrilla. This combination means for some great bass fishing. Artificial baits have been doing very good out here and you […]

Central Florida Trophy Bass Fishing

Central Florida Bass fishing has been doing very good. Start of November has brought us some cooler overnight temperatures which has helped lower the water temperatures. What this has done for us is simple, it has turned on some very good bass fishing action here in Florida. Many people come here every year to fish […]

Reel Fishing Show season 1 highlights

Reel Fishing funny comedy celebrity show- season 1 highlights   Reel fishing comedy celebrity fishing show! Big fish and big fun, hilarious! We had an awesome season with a ton of bass and redfish being boated, as well as a monster Tarpon!!! Join us on TheFishingTube.com for our first season of Reel Fishing October 7th […]

Reel Fishing Episode I trailer with JB Holmes

Florida Bass Fishing Guides and Reel Fishing  Episode I trailer with JB Holmes Reel Fishing Episode 1, Season 1. PGA star long ball hitter JB Holmes makes his fishing debut with us in Orlando Florida for some great largemouth bass fishing. We caught some big bass, and some big laughs! To see the full episode […]

Florida Bass Fishing

Florida Bass Fishing Guides and Orlando Bass Fishing Just a few of some very happy clients. You too can be catching bass like these, and bigger. Just give me a call and we will get you out there on the water having a blast catching some Great Florida Bass “Catch This”TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious

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