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Bass Fishing Forecast for May

propbaitWith the weather calming down, cold fronts, or even cool fronts now a thing of the past, our water temperatures are now starting to warm up steadily. Early morning schooling action will be very common on Lakes Toho, Butler Chain and Johns Lake. Prop baits, torpedoes, buzz baits and toads will be very good early morning producers for some quality bass.

rattletrapGrass beds and hydrilla will be very good areas to target using worms, senko type baits, spinner baits and shallow running crank baits. Depending on the body of water, docks will be holding bass as usual and typically some good quality largemouth bass.

Typical spring rains will have water flowing thru canals and creeks which will have bass ambushing bait fish off and on during the day. Rattle traps will be a great bait for these bass, as well as using for picking up aggressive bass and locating them quickly

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