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Golden Shiners

Golden Shiner
(Notemigonus chrysoleucas)

wild shiner


Common name – Golden Shiner

Description – A golden hue with reddish fins is typical of this species that has a small soft-rayed dorsal fin and like other shiners has a lateral line (the series of sensory holes along the side of a fish) that dips downward.

Range – Widely distributed along the east coast of North America from Canada south and throughout Florida and as far west as the Dakotas.

Habitat – Typical of vegetated ponds and lakes, also found in slack waters of rivers.

Spawning Habits – Shiners lay their sticky eggs primarily on vegetative substrates.  In hatcheries mats are laid out to collect the eggs.  Breeders are over one year old and typically 3-8 inches long.  Males are significantly smaller than females at the same age.

Feeding habits – Shiners consume small insects, tiny mollusks, small fishes and perhaps algae.

Age and Growth – They live up to about 5 years and reach a maximum size of nearly one foot.

Sporting Qualities – Golden shiners are one of the most popular baits used by anglers seeking trophy bass.  However, their small delicate scales dislodge easily and they require careful handling. 

Eating Qualities – N/A

State Record – N/A

Information courtesy of MyFWC

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