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Bass Fishing Forecast for August

August Bass Fishing in FloridaAugust Bass Fishing in FloridaWhat can we say, but HOT HOT HOT. August is one of our hottest months of the year. Typically this would mean for some very slow bass fishing here in Florida lakes and rivers. Most anglers will start their day out very early in the morning, sometimes just before sun up they will be sitting on their first spot, and long before high noon, they will be loading up the boat and heading home for the day.

Normally this is a very typical day on the water in august, first light can bring some good top water action, slowing before the heat of the day strikes, and all but gone once it is hot. Most anglers feel that the bass just won’t bite in the heat, and for those who hang in tough, and drink lots of water, they can be rewarded with some great bass. Speaking from my own experience, some of my biggest bass have come in the heat of the day, generally between the hours of 11am and 4pm. Many will ask why, it is simply because you are more focused at the placement of your lure. Tighter to cover or in the slop, the places bass love to hide down here in Florida.

For those anglers here on the family vacation to Disney World, Sea World or Universal Studios, the best times are early morning or later in the afternoon. We do also now offer two different split day trips, one you fish 4 hours in the morning and 4 hours later in the afternoon, and the Break for lunch trip, which we typically break for about an hour for a sit down lunch at a local restaurant. Typically our afternoon showers will help to create a good flow from many creeks or rivers into our lakes. Give us a call and we can take care of you.

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