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Bass Fishing Forecast for July

July Bass FishingLake Toho Bass FishingJuly is a hot month here in Florida, but believe me folks, the bass are still biting down here.
It’s the same thing every year, the weatherman, who is over paid and wrong 99% of the time seems to try to scare people away with crazy out of the world hurricane forecasts. We as guides follow the weather like a hawk circling over a lake in search of his next victim, the largemouth bass or crappie.

Although July is typically a hot month, you can still fish comfortably for 6 hours and catch some very nice Florida largemouth bass. Artificial lures will still be producing good.  Typically some good early morning top water action, before switching up to a Strike King Redeye Shad or  spinner bait. Senko type baits and worms will also produce good catches, as well as wild shiners. Two good lakes to bass fishing will be Lake Toho and East Lake Toho. Typically Lake Toho is known for the trophy bass, but believe me, East Lake Toho has been doing pretty good itself. Evident is when it takes 24 pounds to win a tournament, which was just done on East Lake Toho during Spring Fling. Plenty of 5 plus pound bass were weighed in.

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