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July 2010 Bass Fishing Report

Kissimmee Chain and Butler Chain Bass Fishing Report The month of July has seen some good bass fishing. Despite the heat, the bass are still willing to play well take the baits we offer them. Main baits of choice have varied depending on the waters we have been hitting, but two baits have been consistent […]

Orlando Bass Fishing, End of June 2010

June has been an eventful month for bass fishing. The last half has seen some pretty darn good days of bass fishing. Lake Toho has been very good in the early morning hours, especially with some top water action. Horny Toads and buzz baits along the grass lines have produced some explosive strikes and some […]

Lake Toho Bass Fishing Report June 13th

Lake Toho Bass Fishing Bass fishing on East Lake Toho has been doing great. Schooling activity had slowed down first thing in the morning for us, and towards the end of the week the bass were a little more scattered out than in previous trips. Strike King Redeye Shad still has been the bait of […]

Crappie Video from East Lake Toho

Crappie fishing on Lake Toho Here is a brief video of a Crappie that slammed a redeye shad of all things on East Lake Toho. Crappie fishing on Lake Toho has been doing pretty good in the early morning hours. “Catch This”TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious

Lake Toho Bass Fishing Video

Orlando Bass Fishing and Lake Toho Guides Some more bass fishing action from Lake Toho, using a Strike King Redeye Shad. Basically i was working this bait along the edges of topped out grasses on East Lake Toho with just the basic steady retrieve. The bass responded great as these grass beds were holding some […]

Lake Toho Bass Fishing report May 20th 2010

Lake Toho Bass Fishing Got to spend a few hours out on East Lake Toho first thing this morning.  My plan was to just scout out a few areas and enjoy some time on the water. Whether I have a guide trip or not,  there is nothing more relaxing than just kicking back on the […]

Lake Toho Bass Fishing-Redeye Shad

The bass fishing on East Lake Toho has been doing great folks. Once again, the off shore grass beds were the place to be as the bass were stacked up in the grass. The Strike King Redeye Shad has been really catching the florida largemouth bass like you would not believe. Here is yet another one […]

Lake Toho Bass Fishing

Bass fishing on East Lake Toho. Bass were busting this Strike King Redeye Shad up in a big way. I was burning this lure around grass beds when the bass would just hammer it. “Catch This”TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious

Bass Fishing Forecast for July

July is a hot month here in Florida, but believe me folks, the bass are still biting down here.It’s the same thing every year, the weatherman, who is over paid and wrong 99% of the time seems to try to scare people away with crazy out of the world hurricane forecasts. We as guides follow […]

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