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Bass Fishing Forecast for November

Central Florida Bass Fishing GuidesNovember Bass Fishing, Folks this is the time of year we really start to get excited. Cooler weather has finally grabbed a hold of us which makes things very nice when you’re out on the waters of Central Florida chasing after those trophy bass we have down here. Live wild shiners become one of the main baits of choice for many anglers, as they start that search for the big ten pound plus trophy largemouth bass.

Central Florida Crappie FishingCentral Florida has the lakes that can and will produce trophy bass every year. Lake Toho being one of the main targets of many anglers, and this great body of water will yield more than its fair share of the lunker bass. Lake Kissimmee will also produce so big monster bass as well. With the main targets being grass beds and skinny waters closer to shore, as the bass are getting closer to spawn time.

Years past we have come across bass beds by the first week of December, but a lot of this will be hinged on how the weather treats us as well. With a steady weather pattern it is very possible to start catching bass from beds by the end of the month, although the spawn generally will not hit full swing until January or February.

Butler Chain and Conway Chain will also be some great bass fishing action. Bother these bodies of water have some of the cleanest waters around, and both are well known for bass schooling action. Both these areas not only hold some of the deeper water action, but they also have a ton of docks that can be fished, and these docks will hold some great bass. We round out Central Florida Bass fishing with Johns Lake. Johns Lake is known for some great bass schooling action and when the spawn hits, this place can compete with Lake Toho when it comes to trophy bass fishing. Don’t forget, we also have some pretty darn good crappie fishing here in Central Florida as well.

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