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Lake Toho Bass Fishing March 7th 2010

Lake Toho Bass Fishing

Lake Toho Bass FishingThe first week of March has some good bass fishing on Lake Toho. With our trips being of mixed nature, some with live wild shiners and some with artificial baits

, this body of water has not let us down. Lake Toho has been fishing great this year. Many may think when a cold front hits, you need to switch to wild shiners in order to catch bass, but we have done very good using artificial baits to consistently catch the bass out here. Beds have popped up all over the place out here, in waters from under a foot deep to 5 foot deep. For the most part, the bass we have spotted around them have been cruising around.

Gobblets Cove, Friars Cove and Whaley’s Landing area have been some good hot spots for us. Baits of choice have been 7 and 10 inch worms, steel shads and one ounce spinner baits. Water temperatures have been running from mid to upper 50’s, but with the warming trend we are looking at for the second week of March the waters should be hitting mid 60’s easily. This will trigger some great bass fishing action and make for yet another very productive week out here.

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