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Bass Fishing Forecast for June

shallow crankbaitJune is the start of our heat, and most people think the bass fishing season is over. This is far from the truth. Early morning action is still very good. Live wild shiners will still get good numbers of bass and some scattered size to five pounds. As the temperatures warm up during the day, the bite will get more scattered, but with targeted casting you can still catch largemouth bass during the heat of the day.

tube baitLake Toho bass fishing is world famous for catching trophy bass, even during the summer months. This is where flipping and pitching will come in handy. Your focus in the heat of the day will turn to focusing on grass beds and floating mats, either punching thru or pitching your baits into “potholes” to target trophy bass. Idea baits are creature baits and tube baits.

Open water areas, with deeper waters holding submerged hydrilla will also be good areas to produce bass. These areas you can slow roll spinner baits, use shallow running crank baits and work ten inch worms to keep the action steady.

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