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Lake Jackson Bass Fishing

We have been doing a lot of bass fishing on Lake Jackson which is just south of Saint Cloud Florida. This body of water has a lot of lily pad coverage and some very healthy hydrilla. This combination means for some great bass fishing. Artificial baits have been doing very good out here and you can really catch some good numbers from one to three pound bass. But don’t be fooled, this place has a good amount of big bass as well. October 1st 2010 saw a ten pound bass come over the side of the boat using a Strike King Red Eye Shad and several bass in the six pound range have also been caught using live wild shiners as well as artificial lures.

The two bass boated in this video are only two of the twenty five bass I caught that day using a mix of artificial baits. Strike King Red Eye Shads, Spro baits, Bass Pro Shops Stick O baits and flukes have been great baits to use out here. For the soft plastic lures, junebug and watermelon red have been very good colors. I have also been using some of my own hand poured worms out here and they have been really banging some good numbers as well. The worms I have been using are roughly 4 ½ inch worms with a small bullet weight and just slowly crawling them along the bottom and pulled thru the hydrilla. This has been the hot ticket to catching not only the numbers, but some quality three and four pound bass as well.

With the cooler weather the spinner bait bite has been turning on very good as well. Slow rolled thru the lily pads has been great, as the bass have been stacking up in these areas and have been hitting the spinner baits very aggressively. We have had some success with swim baits out here as well. The Lake Fork Live Magic Shad has caught some very nice bass, so don’t shy away from using swim baits.


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