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Wacky Rig Bass Fishing Florida

In this video we are fishing on Lake Jackson which is just south of the great town of Saint Cloud Florida. This body of water holds some great bass fishing with some excellent cover to fish. Everything from reeds to lily pad fields and some very healthy hydrilla. Known as a very shallow lake, at times of drought it can become inaccessible very quickly, but the bass fishing always seems to be top notch out here.
Wild shiners are always a great way to catch bass, and even trophy bass out here, but one of our favorites is a wacky rigged senko worked along the grass lines or thru the lily pads.

This rigging has boated a ton of bass out here for us, ranging from one pound up to 7 pounds, and has been a great way to teach the younger generation bass angler how to work artificial lures. This is probably the most basic way to bass fish and has been a very effective way for youngsters to catch bass and get them hooked on our great sport.

As you see in the video when we are using the wacky rig set up, we like to use the live bait hooks. This is a great setup and just like when using live bait, 90% of the hook ups are right in the corner of the mouth. This is a big plus for us as well as the safe release of the bass. Currently the bass fishing has been great and my clients are boating up to 20 bass in a four hour trip. This makes for a great day of bass fishing and some great father and son memories that will last a lifetime.

Check back often as I will be adding more bass fishing videos using wild shiners and more artificial lures.

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