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Brush Hog Bass In Florida

Today was supposed to be a day of pond fishing on some private waters, but that got shot down with no phone call as to when we were supposed to meet up. I loaded up the boat, even though it was a day off and headed to Lake Jackson.

The day started off close to the ramp, an area that has always seemed to hold a handful of bass every time, and always makes for a great start for the day. It is also a very good indicator as to how the bass are going to be biting. Water temperatures started out right at 60 degrees and the bass played right off the bat.

First five bass of the day were boated in the first 30 minutes of bass fishing. This makes for a great day. Tossing nothing but artificial lures, mostly Zoom Brush Hogs in Junebug Red color, which has been a great color for us out here.

I checked out several areas, mostly in less than 2 foot of water to check on bass beds and if anybody was home. Saw several buck bass lingering around the beds but no females. Started tossing a spinner bait and picked up a few more smaller bass, then I switched up to the Lake Fork Live Magic Shad.

This was a great switch up, that turned heart breaker. Tossing her past some reeds and swimming it back she gets hammered, wrapped around the reeds in an instant and SNAP goes the line. After making one last move for the day, I started out again working the swim bait and spotted a buck bass sitting on the bed, tossed the Live Magic Shad past the bed and swam right up to the bed and BANG the buck is on.

Released the buck off the opposite side of the boat and quickly tossed the Brush Hog to the bed, a few twitches and a couple ticks of the line, I was hoping the buck bass had not got this lure too. Line felt light and moved slow, I set the hook and it was the female. This folks is what bass fishing in Florida is all about. Tight lines and nice bass.

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