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Florida Bass Fishing

Florida Bass Fishing
With all the rain we have had lately comes a lot of moving water and new areas on some lakes to fish.

Lake Jackson Bass Fishing

We have been doing a lot of bass fishing on Lake Jackson which is just south of Saint Cloud Florida. This body of water has a lot of lily pad coverage and some very healthy hydrilla. This combination means for some great bass fishing. Artificial baits have been doing very good out here and you […]

Butler Chain Bass Fishing Nov 7th 2010

Orlando  Bass Fishing has been doing very good as of late. Cooler air temperatures as well as cooler water temperatures have made for some very good bass fishing in Florida.Butler Chain of Lakes has been a great place to bass fish, with the bass starting to school up and move into shallower waters this has […]

Kissimmee Chain Bass Fishing Report Oct 22nd 2010

 Kissimmee Chain Bass Fishing-Florida Bass Fishing Guides Bass fishing on the Kissimmee Chain of lakes has been great! Most of our trips have been artificial bait trip and they have been producing good numbers of bass, 20 to 30 bass in a day, with some good size mixed in.Bass coming in at or just over […]

Lake Toho and Kissimmee Chain October 1st 2010

Lake Toho Bass Fishing and Kissimmee Chain Bass Fishing The bass fishing on Lake Toho and the Kissimmee Chain has been great for us. Live wild shiners of course have always been a good bet to catching some good numbers as well as size, but I gotta tell you folks, we have been slamming some […]

Kissimmee Chain Bass Fishing

Kissimmee Chain Bass Fishing  Frankie Viola fishing on the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes, this is just one of a few he managed to catch using live wild shiners. This is just one of several bass that were caught during the day using wild shiners, strike king red eye shads and senko type baits “Catch This”TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious

Lake Toho and Kissimmee Chain Bass Fishing

We hit the kissimmee chain for some bass fishing. Frankie Viola, professional Baseball player and host of Reel Fishing along with Jimmie our camera/web guy had a blast catching a ton of great bass. Here i am with a sweet trophy bass caught on a stike king red eye shad. This bass hit the lure […]

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