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Lake Toho and Kissimmee Chain October 1st 2010

Lake Toho Bass Fishing and Kissimmee Chain Bass Fishing

Lake Toho Trophy Bass FishingThe bass fishing on Lake Toho and the Kissimmee Chain has been great for us. Live wild shiners of course have always been a good bet to catching some good numbers as well as size, but I gotta tell you folks, we have been slamming some good numbers as well as size with artificial baits.

Our main baits as of late have been a good mix with senko type baits, speed craws, spinner baits, stike king red eye shads, and the one that woke up the sleeping giant the first day of October was the Azuma Shaker Z.

One main area we have been working has a good spam of lily pads with a bunch of scattered grasses and hydrilla and it has been holding a ton of bass. Working the Azuma Shaker Z around the grasses and just above the hydrilla produced some good numbers, as well as this toad of a bass. We had spotted a few other huge blowups in the water but they were just out of casting distance, but I tell ya, they were bass just as big as this trophy bass.

Soft plastics had produced several smaller bass as well as two bass that were four pounds plus, and they fought like champs. The air temperature as well as the water temperatures are finally cooling down and it has been triggering a pretty good feed from the bass. The day started out with the water surface temp right at 76 degrees and made for some good bass fishing. This coming week is looking like much cooler temps over night as well as during the day, and this will only benefit the bass fishing action in a positive way.

Several more runs out on the Kissimmee Chain coming up so check back often for new reposrts and updates.

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