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Lake Toho Bass Fishing report May 20th 2010

Lake Toho Bass Fishing

East Lake Toho Bass Fishing

Got to spend a few hours out on East Lake Toho first thing this morning.  My plan was to just scout out a few areas and enjoy some time on the water.

Whether I have a guide trip or not,  there is nothing more relaxing than just kicking back on the water and doing some bass fishing. Well that plan failed today, as there was no relaxing. I hit my first spot at 6:55 and had my first bass, on video and to the boat by 7:05.

Tossing Strike King Red Eye Shad kept me very busy out here today. I got in roughly 2 hours of bass fishing and boated 10 bass and a very good size crappie, all of which were caught on the Red Eye Shad.

East Lake Toho CrappieWater levels were definitely much lower than my previous trip out here, maybe one day the state of Florida water Mismanagement will leave a good thing alone, but I highly doubt that. Despite the lower levels the lake is very safe to travel around, and the bass were definitely more than will to play. Great thing being, all the bass caught today were right in the two to three pound range, and very scrappy fighters.

Waters look great, nice and clean and the grasses looked very healthy. Main keys to catching them today was working areas with some good vegetation.  Main area was offshore vegetation, mostly areas where grasses were just below the surface. For those that have been asking how the crappie fishing has been out here, it has been doing good, mostly early morning before the sun pounds down on the water, But as you can see from the picture, if they are willing to slam a red eye shad burned thru the water, they will eat anything.

Videos from today will be up on my web site before the days end, so be sure to come back and check them out.


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