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Orlando Bass Fishing, End of June 2010

June has been an eventful month for bass fishing. The last half has seen some pretty darn good days of bass fishing.

Lake Toho has been very good in the early morning hours, especially with some top water action. Horny Toads and buzz baits along the grass lines have produced some explosive strikes and some good bass. Redeye Shad and steel shads are still producing some numbers out here as well as the old reliable senko type baits and trick worms.

orlando bass fishingEast Lake Toho has been good. Early morning bite has been the best part of the day here. Scattered grasses through-out the lake has been producing not only some good numbers, but some good size as well. This has been an often over looked body of water, but believe me, this lake is a sleeper. You just need to know how to fish it. Start planning your fall and winter trips out here for split day trips, fishing for  four hours, breaking for lunch at one of the two fine restaurants on the lake, then fishing the last four hours.

Butler Chain has been pretty good itself, once again it’s the early morning bite that is the most active. This is pretty much the typical pattern this time of year with the Florida heat. Bass have still been hanging around the outside grass edges and close to drop offs, as well as under the docks out here.
Spinner Baits, Redeye Shads, senko type baits and trick worms have been the main ticket to catching bass. There has been some open water schooling out here but from the lakes we have been on that has been limited and scattered.

Johns Lake has had some good days, and some days where you have to work for your bass. The days you work for them, you just basically move around more than usual, but you will still catch the bass out here. Early morning hours generally see the schooling action in the Deer Island Cut, sometimes it is heavy schooling action, and there are those days where that action is very limited. The show up and are gone quick. Just toss a Carolina Rig and be patient, they are still around.

Great baits have been senko type baits, 7 inch worms, redeye shads and steel shads, remember these bass are chasing smaller sized shad, so for best results you want to stick to baits closer to shad patterns and try to match the size. All too often we hear “ bigger baits means bigger bass” sometimes this is true, but you will catch a lot of bigger bass with French fry type baits as well.

July Heat is now here, but there is still action going on. Best results can be produced in 6 hour trips. Fall is just around the corner and dates will start booking up so check your calendar and jump on board.

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