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Johns Lake, Butler Chain, East Lake Toho and St Johns River Bass Fishing Report Sept 2006

Orlando Bass Fishing Report John’s Lake September 6th Today we did some more exploring on John’s Lake. Waters are still looking great out here, with water temps starting the day out at 85 degrees. Very light if any real breeze to speak of. We started the day in the cut to the Horseshoe, working the […]

Lake Kissimmee, Conway Chain, Johns Lake and Butler Chain Bass Fishing Report Aug 2006

Orlando Bass Fishing Report  Conway Chain Today I spent a few hours this morning running around the Conway Chain of Lakes. These lakes are very clean waters which dictates Mono or Fluorocarbon lines. I had pretty much spent most of the time on North Lake Conway up in deeper waters. Working top water baits and […]

Lake Toho, Butler Chain, Lake Kissimmee, Johns Lake and Harris Chain Bass Fishing Report July 2006

Orlando Bass Fishing Report  Butler Chain Today we had a free day and used it to do some scouting out on Butler Chain. Waters were 85 to start the day out and very clean as usual. Main purpose of this trip was to work a Carolina rig and see what bite would develop. Turns out […]

Butler Chain and Johns Lake Bass Fishing Report April 2006

Orlando Bass Fishing Report  Butler Chain Last few days has been runs out on the Great Butler Chain of Lakes. Trips have been a mix of shiners and artificial baits. Domestic shiners have been the best producer as far as the live bait went, as they are a very close resemblance to the great shad […]

Kissimmee Chain and Butler Chain Bass Fishing Report Feb 2006

Kissimmee Chain Orlando Bass Fishing Report  Today we had Amy and her father out on the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes, With the cold front coming thru and 10-15 mph winds we opted for shiners To help the dynamic duo catch their bass. The day was spent tail hooking the shiners and letting them swim into […]

Kissimmee Chain and Butler Chain Bass Fishing Report Jan 2006

Orlando Bass Fishing Report  Kissimmee Chain Date fished Jan 8th Sunday the 8th we had Ethan and his dad Doug out on the Kissimmee Chain, day started out very cold and very foggy, fog finally burning off close to 9am before we could make any kind of good run around the lake. Day was spent […]

Seasonal Bass Fishing

Seasonal Bass Fishing Here we will touch base on the different seasonal patterns of Bass Fishing in Central Florida. Here in Central Florida, bass fishing is a year-round event. I will start with what I consider the best season for bass fishing in Florida, Fall/Winter season. As fall approaches us, water temperatures will start to […]

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