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Kissimmee Chain and Butler Chain Bass Fishing Report Feb 2006

Kissimmee Chain

Orlando Bass Fishing Report 

Today we had Amy and her father out on the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes,

With the cold front coming thru and 10-15 mph winds we opted for shiners

To help the dynamic duo catch their bass. The day was spent tail hooking the shiners and letting them swim into grass beds and as they did they got hammered. This was only a 4 hour trip but was very action packed with both of them catching several to make what was a great day on the waters. We did spot several bass beds up in the shallows some of which were holding bass on them. Waters were running 62 degrees with most of the action coming as the waters were warming up as the sun poked out. Best course of action has been to start in the northwest corner in the morning as these are the waters that will warm up first as the sun comes up, from there it has been working the side where the wind is blowing as this cause the bait to blow up to and into the grass beds and gives the bass an easy target. Brave out the wind and you will catch the bass.

Butler Chain

The past week we have had several runs out to Butler Chain.
With mixed conditions the action has gne from having to really work to catch them to so super bang up days.
With the cleaner waters on Butler even the bad weather days has still produced some great bass using artificial lures.

The Gitem Toad in the brand new color Rainbow worked thru lily pads has been a great producer as well as the Gitem AKA. Lake Tibet has slowed a bit for us, so we made the move to Lake Down, working grass beds and points has been very productive. Start by searching with rattle traps then slow it down with either an AKA or a Warlock with 1/16th bullet weight pegged and watch the line carefully as they hit on the fall.

Butler Chain and Kissimmee Chain
The last several days we have had trips on Butler Chain and Kissimmee chain.
Weather has really dictated patterns and locations with the winds and cooler temps.
Butler Chain has been very good even on the worst days out there, high winds and cool temps had us switching from shiners, which were not producing as figured, to flipping the grass beds with lizards and Gitem Warlocks.

Kissimmee chain has seen some rough waters with the high winds as of late, forcing us into wind protected areas and pitching wild shiners to grass bed edges to get our catch.

Normally wind blown areas have produced great for us, but there are those times when the combination of winds and waves will dictate a move as safety always comes first.

We are expecting as the weatherman says 3 fronts back to back so be safe out there, all to often we see people thinking they can handle the winds, but when they hit 20mph on ANY lake, you really need to think if its really worth the risk. Catch and release allows the bass to be caught another day, safety first allows the angler to fish another day.

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Kissimmee Chain

The last few days has had us on both the Kissimmee Chain and Butler chain.
Kissimmee Chain has been producing some good numbers as well as size.
Shiners worked along grass bed edges as well as flipping them into small potholes in the grass beds has been producing some good solid bass.

Gitem AKA with 1/16th bullet pegged and dropped into grass bed potholes as well as hydrilla patches has been also producing very good. Ribbed body on the AKA creates a great disturbance in the water and has really got the bass keyed into it. White/pink spinnerbaits slow rolled has also produced very good. Working mainly points of the grass beds on the outsides of the wind blown side has been the ticket

Butler Chain

Butler Chain is still producing some very good number on artificials as well.
Big ticket bait has been a black/red lizard with a 1/16th bullet pegged on 10 pound test mono, worked slowly thru eel grass and flooded timber. Carolina rigged and drop shot baits have been good also as usual. Drop shot bait of choice has been a bubble gum trick worm and Carolina rig bait of choice has been the Gitem Shad in watermelon. Cleaner waters has dictated long casts and baits worked slowly as the waters had cooled in areas to mid to upper 50’s.

Today’s water temp at days end was 63 and with warmer weather the rest of the week will heat the waters up and really turn them on and make for even better action. ALWAYS keep a spook tied on as there have been shad busts on the water.

Kissimmee Chain

Feb 16th and the 17th had us venturing out on the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes with combination trips of shiners and artificial baits. Morning bite had generally started out on the rather slow side, even with shiners being slow trolled, as the sun poked out tho the bite picked up greatly.

Slow trolled shiners along grass beds were excellent producers fr numbers and size. As the days warmed up, pitching Gitem Sugars into grass beds was a great ticket to keep the bass being hauled into the boat.

Eagle Lake

Feb 18th we had clients out on Eagle Lake, slow trolled shiners had produced 3 bass while the Gitem Shad in watermelon color produced another 16 bass.
All bass were caught n very shallow waters, 2 foot or less. Several beds had been spotted but were still vacant.

Kissimmee Chain

Feb 20th and 21st we were back at it again out n the Kissimmee Chain. These two days clients wanted nothing but wild shiners. Again the bite had started out slow, VERY thick fog forced us to start both days out in the ramp area slow trolling along grass beds till the fog lifted enough for us to make a move to a few open water areas that have been producing as of late.

Open water areas had been producing fewer bass BUT the bass were of better quality and more aggressive as they were making the move to the bedding areas.

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