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Week Ending Dec 11th 2010 Bass Fishing Report

Central Florida Trophy Bass FishingCentral Florida Bass fishing is still on fire folks. Artificial bait trips are producing some good numbers as well as size. Live bait trips have been off the hook. Lake Jackson has been the hot place to be with my clients boating up to 40 bass in 4 hours of bass fishing using live wild shiners. Live bait has been free lined working around lily pads and hydrilla and the bass have been responding very good. Combination trips have seen us burn off 4 dozen shiners in 2 hours with 30 bass making it over the side of the boat.

Bass have been ranging from 2 to 6 pounds and have hit the live bait very aggressively. Bob here was working all live bait and spent the entire morning swinging for the fences with hook up after hook up landing some very nice bass. Winds started out the day nonexistent and quickly picked up to 18mph, but the dig in anchor system on my boat held us steady and in the strike zone.

Several bass caught we noticed some sores on the tails from fanning beds already so its once again looking like another great season for Florida Bass Fishing. Most of our trips have been on Lake Jackson as of late for one good reason. The bass fishing has been off the hookTrophy Bass Fishing in Florida. Even with higher winds the bass have still been playing great for us. Live wild shiners pitched to the edges of the lily pads have been not only producing good numbers of bass, but some good size as well.

This tactic has been producing 30 to 40 bass in a four hour trip. Artificial baits have also been hammering some good bass. Spinner baits have been catching some very good quality bass as well as swim baits. Big bass on swim bait was just shy of six pounds and spinner baits have been popping bass up to five pounds. This cooler weather has really had the bass actively feeding at a steady pace pretty much all day long. Capping of the last few days of bass fishing in Central Florida, the wild shiner bite has been off the hook crazy here.

Orlando Bass Fishing with Capt Tim FeyThe bass have just been slamming our offerings and the size is getting bigger. We have been seeing more and more bass with sores on the tail end, meaning there is some bed fanning going on and these bass are starting to get some nice bellies. Artificial baits have been doing pretty good as well. Several nice bass have come over the side of the boat using spinner baits, red eye shad and the best bass was nailed on a swim bait. Corey was working his swim bait nice a slow, actually crawling it along the bottom when his big bass slammed it and gave him one heck of a fight. He did manage another nice one working the swim bait a little closer to the surface and thru the pads.

Bass have been holding tight in a few areas that we have been working, hydrilla and pads being the big key to not only catching good numbers, but also locating the bigger quality bass that everyone loves to catch.

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