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Lake Toho Bass Fishing Early December

Lake Toho Bass Fishing

Corey got slammed by this bass, using a steel shad, catching him off guard as it hit just feet from the boat. Lake Toho Largemouth bass have been feeding good for us. 

Lake Toho is always some fun bass fishing. One thing we try to follow is depending on the type of lure you are using, always try to keep an eye on things, working it all the way back to the boat. Corey was working the Steelshad on Lake Toho when he got caught off guard, his bass smacked the lure just a matter of feet from the boat. Close enough to the point he really didn’t even have a chance to set the hook on her, as she hit and tried to turn, setting the hook on herself.

This is something that actually happens quiet a lot in bass fishing, I personally have worked a lure, a senko type bait all the way back to the boat, and as I was lifting it out of the water, BAM a bass blows out of the water after it, just missing it.

Typically on Lake Toho there are always a few lures that always seem to catch bass, such as SteelShad, Red eye shads, senko type baits and flukes just to name a few. The one bait that always seems to produce, even in the toughest of conditions is the wild shiner. These baits will run anywhere from 3 inches to what seems like 2 pounds in size and have been awesome when targeting some of those trophy bass that everyone knows Lake Toho has.

When you fish the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes, try not to limit yourself to just Lake Toho, there are several lakes on the chain and believe me they all will hold some seriously big bass. That is the reason Florida is called The Bass Fishing Capital of the world!

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