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Lake Toho Bass Fishing Dec 14th

Lake Toho Bass Fishing has been great. Wild shiners and steel shad have been catching largemouth bass at a steady pace.

Bass fishing in Florida is always a great way to spend some time relaxing on the water with the family. In this video Bob was having a blast catching bass on Lake Toho using not only live bait but also SteelShad. The steelshad have been an awesome lure for us for catching not only bass but also some slab sized crappie. This is probably one of the easiest lures to use, just simply pulling it out of the package and tying it on and your good to go. Bob was tossing this lure close to hydrilla and working it along the outside edge of the weed beds and was having a blast with some steady bass fishing action.

Lake Toho bass fishing over the past few months has been pretty steady. Bass have been relating heavily to hydrilla and the Kissimmee grass with a lot of the action coming on the north end of the lake. This area has held some of the best looking and healthy hydrilla which not only helps keep the water cleaner, but will also hold a lot of bait fish, which in turn will attract the bass.

When your fishing these areas, one of the most productive baits, is of course the wild shiner. Many people will prefer to use the live bait as at times it will make catching those trophy bass easier. Anglers who come for those trophy bass will not always want to use live bait though, and we will give them the options and inform them as to the best chance at catching not only some good numbers, but size as well. Just a few of the hot baits have been the senko type baits, zoom flukes, speed craws and rattle trap type baits.


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