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Lake Toho Bass Fishing live bait

Yushi catches himself yet another largemouth bass using a wild shiner. Between him and his son they had an awesome day bass fishing on Lake Toho.

December is always a great month for bass fishing in Florida. Cooler temperatures have rolled into Central Florida and sparked the bass to bite our offerings. Live wild shiners and artificial lures are catching some great numbers as well as some very nice trophy bass. Every year I have clients come from all over the world to experience bass fishing in Florida. Europe, Japan , Australia, you name it and they come here. Bass fishing in Florida is famous worldwide simply because we have what many consider the best option of landing that trophy bass of a lifetime.

Disney is always a great vacation stop for everyone coming to Florida and here in Central Florida we have the best Disney area bass fishing around. From lakes such as Lake Toho and Butler Chain, to Lake Kissimmee and Conway Chain, folks staying at Disney are never really more than twenty minutes away from the best bass fishing in Florida.

This time of year there is a lot of live bait bass fishing going on, as many clients prefer to use wild shiners. This is usually a pretty good option as at times it will be a great way to catch good numbers of bass and also increases your chances at that trophy bass that will weigh in over ten pounds.

These and all bas that we catch are always released back to the waters they came from alive and well, simply because we want the next generation of anglers to be able to enjoy the same catching that we have right now. What happens when you catch that trophy bass that would look great hanging on your wall? Well we take two simple measurements, the length of your bass, and the girth, along with the weight of her and a great photo. With this information you can have a perfect replica of your catch that will last a lifetime.

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