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Lake Toho Bass Fishing first week of April 2010

Lake Toho Bass Fishing-Orlando Bass Fishing

Lake Toho Bass Fishing Report

Lake Toho Bass FishingBass fishing on Lake Toho the first week of April was great

. Several trips out on Lake Toho have produced some good numbers and some good sized bass. For the most part, our clients have preferred using artificial baits and the bass played very good for us. North end of Lake Toho has been a good producer for us, pitching soft plastics along weed edges and isolated drifting clumps of grass.

orlando bass fishingMid lake area of Lake Toho has seen some scattered catching for us, most of the bass

 have come from areas with scattered hydrilla with some very limited bass schooling action. Toads worked thru grasses have yielded some aggressive strikes, when the hooked up was missed, tossing a worm or senko as a back up was the way to catch them.

Gobblets Cove has been the place to be. Grass beds have been holding some steady action for us, as well as scattered or thinned out lily pad areas. The Azuma Shaker Z has been the hot ticket back here for us. The bass have hammered this lure hard! Spinner baits have also been producing pretty well out here as well. Tossing to back side of lily pad fields and slow rolling them thru the pads has been very good, once you got the hook up, holding the rod high until you worked them thru the pads has been the trick to landing your catch.

Southern end of Lake Toho has still produced some bass for us, although as of late it has been more of a one here one there kind of bite. Friars Cove had been the best area south for us, mostly in the area of the cypress tree lines.

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