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Bass Fishing Forecast for April

steelshadSchooling bass fishing action is still here! Early morning top water action is usually off the hook. Even as the day warms up, you will still be able to get some top water action going. The spinner bait bite is a good bet for catching bass throughout the day, as well as using rattle traps and steel shad. This time of year is great bass fishing for everyone. Air temperatures are perfect, not too cool, and not too warm and water temperatures are very stable, making the bass fishing action good.

mannic_spinner_baitsLake Toho will see a lot of boat traffic, as everyone is really having a great time catching bass, and for those who just want to relax, the shiner bite is always good, but keep in mind you don’t always get to just relax, because the bass will be hammering those shiners!

One of our go to lures will be the steel shad. This lure has caught a ton of bass for us, and some quality bass up to five pounds. For those still searching for that trophy bass some big largemouth bass can be caught on buzz baits, spinner baits and rattle traps.

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