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You’ve Tried the rest, Now Try the Best Orlando Bass Fishing Guides”

Orlando Bass Fishing GuidesThe Orlando bass fishing guides cover a vast amount of great bass fishing waters. Most all of these waters are just a matter of minutes from all three major theme parks, Walt Disney World, Sea World and Universal Studios.Having been fishing these waters now for 30 years, I have seen a lot of changes to the landscape and how the fishing has changed. From the old days of a simple Beetle spin to the swim baits of today.

I take a lot of pride in what I do for a living, guiding people of all walks of life to some great days on these beautiful waters we have to offer. Following my web site, you will see bass fishing reports constantly updated, whether I have a guide trip or a day off, I still like to be on the water. Everyone who is “diehard” when it comes to bass fishing, or any kind of fishing, knows, especially in lakes, that bass will shut down at times on one body of water, but 20 miles away will be feeding aggressively. This is just a natural cycle of Mother Nature, and for those who keep their focus on one single body of water, can mean for more “off” fishing days than needed. This is why I am always on the go, working as many bodies of water as possible, with my main three lakes being the World Famous Trophy Bass Lake, Lake Toho, East Lake Toho, which over the years has been a tougher lake to fish, but has made a very nice comeback, and last but not least, Butler Chain.
“You’ve Tried the rest, Now Use the Best Orlando Bass Fishing Guides”
Catch'em with our Orlando Bass Fishing GuidesAlthough our main focus is on Lake Toho, which is located in Kissimmee Florida, this great body of water is only 20 minutes from our Orlando bass fishing guides and it’s well known trophy bass that are caught here. Most will focus on using live wild shiners to target these trophy bass, but rest assured you do not have to use live bait to catch these bass. Lake Toho, like any other body of water you fish with me, I will tell you your best chances at landing Florida largemouth bass, whether it is with live bait or artificial lures. You will never be forced to use baits you either do not wish to use, or lures you are not sure how to use. Over the years that I have been guiding clients on these waters, I have had several clients who have never fished before, ask to do it with artificial baits, and they have done just fine. If your guide knows the waters you are fishing, he should be able to instruct you with no problem.

Orlando Bass Fishing Guides

East Lake Toho is yet another very good body of water. Although it is more bowl shaped in its layout, and on days of higher winds can be very rough, this body of water has been fishing very good. For many years it has been referred to as a “live bait” lake. If you follow my Bass Fishing Videos page closely, you will see a bunch of videos from East Lake Toho done this year, these bass were all caught on artificial lures and the action was pretty steady during the day. Everything from soft plastics to crank baits has been catching bass out here for us.East Lake Toho has something most other lakes do not have. The ability to take a break in the middle of the day for a good sit down lunch. East Lake Fish Camp has a great restaurant which is on the Northern side of the lake, and Crabby Bills, located on the southern end of the lake. Both have great food at good prices.

Orlando Bass Fishing Guides cater to father and son tripsThe last lake for our Orlando bass fishing guides to cover over the 10 years has been The Butler Chain of Lakes. This chain of lakes is nestled in the beautiful town of Windermere Florida. Some locals call it the land of the rich and famous, as people such as Shaq, Tiger Woods and Arnold Palmer live out on this chain. These waters too many will fish more like northern waters. Deeper than the typical Florida Lakes, every lake in this 12 lake chain will have at least one deep drop off to 20 feet, with one of the deeper holes being on Lake Down, reaching up to 44 feet deep. This has been a great place for everyone to work on all the different way of bass fishing. Live wild shiners is always a good bait out here, but with all the docks and drop offs out here, it allows the angler to work with drop shot, Carolina rigs, swim baits and crank baits. Another great way to build a future bass anglers confidence is with a wacky rig bait out here around the docks and grass beds. I personally have helped many anglers, just trying to get started out with bass fishing, work that wacky rig and catch a bunch of great bass. The perfect way to hook a future angler by building their confidence level in what they are doing.

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