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Lake Toho Spinner bait

Erik, who always seems to manage to pull off a first for himself every time we fish, finally catches his first bass on a spinner bait. We had done a couple trips on Lake Toho and had a good spinner bait bite going, when Erik finally got her on his first cast in the area we hit.

Big key for Erik to catching the bass he caught was holding the rod tip up high, which helped to keep the spinner bait higher up in the water and just above the weed bed we were working. The bass were relating to hydrilla out here and would come out of the scattered hydrilla to hit our baits. Working the spinner bait just above the hydrilla and at a steady pace with the sun light we had gave off just enough flash to trigger the bass into striking our lures. The big key here was when you have someone who wants to try something new to them, such as Erik with the spinner bait, you always want to try to get them to an area where you know is holding bass. The bass here were smaller school sized bass, but it was all Erik needed to gain confidence in a lure he has never really had any great success with.

Guiding to us is more than just people catching bass, we like to pass on our knowledge to our clients and friends, so they not only catch bass, but also learn new things such as different ways of working lures to help them trigger the strikes and land the bass. Clients always love to catch bass, but one thing they also will never forget, is the fact they learned something new, that they can later incorporate with their fishing back home to help make them the more complete angler.

The great thing about bass fishing is that it is a never ending learning process. New techniques and new lures always being created to help in the chase of that trophy bass.


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