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Lake Toho Bass Fishing Early Feb 2010

Lake Toho Bass Fishing Report-Lake Toho Guides


lake toho bassThe first half of February has seen some great bass fishing action, as well as a few days of tougher bass fishing with passing cold front. The days the bite has been tougher than normal, numbers were down, but the best part was size was up.

 Live bait as well as artificial baits both were doing great right up to the last cold front, that was when the switch was made to use live wild shiners as well as the artificial baits.



lake toho bass fishingLake Toho has definitely been the place to be with both live wild shiners and artificial baits not only catching some good numbers, but some nice size as well. The northern end of lake toho has seemed to be the best producing area, with some nice 4 and 5 pound bass coming from right along Lake Shore Drive area. Flipping into the cover or pitching the wild shiners along the edges has been the best way to catch them. Water temperatures have finally started to climb back into the low 60’s and beds have been popping up everywhere, so the big spawn is just about to kick in.


When the cold fronts have hit us, they usually have brought higher winds, which has had us move to Conway Chain, now the bass as some would say are smaller on Conway Chain, with bigger numbers, But don’t tell Eric that, as he landed a sweet bass right around 5 pounds and she was looking very healthy. If you know where to fish this body of water, you will catch big bass and quality bass.

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