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Lake Toho Bass Fishing

Lake Toho Bass Fishing. Some more live bait action, although this bass swallowed the hook, she was released alive and well.

Lake Toho bass fishing and wild shiners, what can we say. One sure fire way to make sure you catch some good numbers of bass is to use wild shiners. We tend to hook them with a circle hook, and usually start out by setting them about 2 foot below a float. Some may say 2 foot is not very deep, but when you are fishing a lot of water that is less than 6 to 8 feet deep, two foot is usually a pretty good starting point, especially when you are slow trolling them just above the hydrilla.

Easy way to help locate the bass quicker and to see which way they want to take your bait, is to also toss out a wild shiner on a freeline, this will allow the shiner to move around more freely in the water column, and sometime this is the best way to catch the largemouth bass.

Here is Florida, we fish the bass spawn, and a lot of the time, one of the best ways to catching those trophy bass is to cast a wild shiner past a bass bed, and then slowly reel it so it sits right over the top of the bass. This has triggered some very aggressive strikes and resulted in some very solid bass being caught. Just remember to be gentle handling the spawning bass, take a picture and release her back in the same area.

Float fishing can be a lot of fun, especially for those who very rarely bass fish, as when the bass go on the feed, you can watch your shiner jump out of the water as the bass are chasing it, this can be some really exciting action and definitely something that will spark a young kids interest into the world of bass fishing.


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