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Lake Toho and Kissimmee Chain Bass Fishing

We hit the kissimmee chain for some bass fishing. Frankie Viola, professional Baseball player and host of Reel Fishing along with Jimmie our camera/web guy had a blast catching a ton of great bass. Here i am with a sweet trophy bass caught on a stike king red eye shad. This bass hit the lure like a freight train.

Bass fishing in Florida, hot and no breeze to speak of. Typically many anglers would run from a lake in these conditions. Everyone wants to bass fish and catch plenty of bass, but to many anglers they feel these conditions are not the best to catch numbers or size. This is where it comes in handy knowing the waters you fish and how to fish them.

Here in Florida, bass fishing is a year round thing and the big gals can take your offerings on any given day, or any given cast regardless of the weather conditions. This day we were out on Lake Jackson, which is a part of the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes, but very rarely talked about. Many years ago, this was the place to be to catch big trophy bass, as well as landing some great numbers of bass.

Like many lakes over the years, some that get excessive fishing pressure will fold to that pressure and everybody moves on to the next body of water. This is one of those lakes, like Lake Walk in Water, that is now making a nice come back and fishing has been picking up very nicely. Not only good numbers, but size as well.

This great bass fishing lake is only 1,020 acres in size and you have to drive down a long and sometimes pretty rough dirt and gravel road to what I must admit is probably not the best ramp in the world, but there is some great bass fishing out here. Along with some great bass fishing, you can also see some good sized alligators, Bald Eagles and much more wildlife than most lakes here in Florida.

If you’re thinking about Orlando Bass Fishing, Lake Toho Bass Fishing or Central Florida Bass Fishing, feel free to give me a call. I will be more than happy to take you out on the water for a day of some great bass fishing, or if it’s just information you need, I will answer your questions.



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