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Bass University

I was very fortunate to spend the first weekend in February attending the final session of the Bass University school year. The BU was revived by Mike Iaconelli & Pete Gluszek and included some of the biggest names currently on the Bassmaster Elite circuit.  To say that the weekend was an eye and brain opening […]

Reese Wins By Fourteen-Pounds

Reese Wins By Fourteen-Pounds HUDDLESTON, Va. – While others zigged this week, Skeet Reese zagged and the decision paid off in spades. Bucking the sightfishing trend and primarily working a swimbait, the Auburn, Calif., pro left the competition in the dust – his closet competitor was Jason Williamson more than the 14 pounds behind – […]

Velvick Uses Pulse and Hover

Velvick Uses Pulse and Hover, Clears Field in California Considered a pioneer of the swimbait craze, Byron Velvick, a West Coast transplant, furthered his legacy with the bait Sunday at Clear Lake, taking the Golden State Shootout, the second event of the 2010 Bassmaster Elite Series, on the shoulders of the revolutionary lure. It was […]

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