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Orlando Bass Fishing Sept 1st 2010

Orlando Bass Fishing

orlando bass fishing

Orlando bass fishing has been doing very good the past 2 weeks. Most of the Orlando bass fishing trips have been done on Butler Chain of Lakes. This chain typically does pretty well in the Florida heat simply because of the deeper waters it has. Every one of the 12 lakes out here will have at least one drop off going to at least 20 feet deep, which is a very good area for bass to stack up at times as the water heats up.

Our main targets on this chain as of late have been areas on Lake Down and the main lake, Lake Butler itself. Both of these lakes seem to have the cleanest water on the chain, and both have been seeing some very good schooling activity as of late. Live wild shiners have done good out here, but the heavy hitter has been the artificial baits. Flukes and senko type baits have been very good out here, as well as the trout and fire tiger pattern steel shads.

Lake Down has been very productive out in the mid lake area where there is some good topped out vegetation. Flukes worked thru it has been a very good way to catching some quality bass. Lake Butler has been the same way, fishing the deeper waters and the drop offs has been the ticket to catching the bass. Water temperatures have slowly been coming down, rain mixed with a few days of some good overcast has helped drop water temperatures some and seems to have made the bass much more active.

Forecast for September bass fishing is looking good. Previous years have been productive and we fully expect this year to be no different. With the amount of schooling action we have been seeing, we see no reason why the action will slow down any time soon. Be sure to check out the newest bass fishing video on my site, filmed on Butler Chain on August 30th. It was just one of several bass I caught myself while I enjoyed a day off on the water.

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