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Lake Toho Wacky

Short video of us having some fun on Lake Toho early November 2009. We did a lot of wacky rigged Gitem K.O’s dipped in JJ’s Dippin Dye. This combination has proven to be lethal when it comes to catching bass.

We go through stretches where we seem to catch a ton of bass on a wacky rig. Typically we have our stick baits, or senko type baits Texas rigged, but when the bass are just mouthing the baits or giving it that slight tap but not taking it, we will wacky rig the bait and start catching them like crazy.

When we are wacky rigging we will normally use a 2/0 circle hook and hook the bait in the middle, this gives it a nice side to side fall and generally the bass will hit this bait on the fall, although we have had a few chase and strike the bait on the lift. This type or rigging is very effective when working the front line of grass beds and along rock walls like you see in this video. Yet another good one is skipping it under docks. Skipping this set up under docks has proven to be very effective, as it leaves the bait in perfect position as it falls slowly to where the bass may be hiding.

Looking to spice it up a little bit? We will at times dip it into a jar of JJ’s Dippin Dye, not only can we change colors or the bait but it will also add the garlic scent to the lure, this has also been a big key to that soft bite. This is also a good way to go after bedding bass during the spawn here in Florida. One of the best things about Florida Bass Fishing is catching those trophy bass during the spawn, and working a wacky rigged bait in front of a bass has triggered several aggressive strikes. Being able to watch the bait slowly fall in front of the bass and coming to rest, then just barely twitching the lure, just enough to make it move without pulling it away from the bass can and will drive that big gal crazy.

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