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Lake Toho Bass Fishing with Rob

Lake Toho Bass Fishing

We hit Lake Toho for some largemouth bass fishing and had a great time again. Catching several bass on various lures from steel shad to soft plastics. Here is a brief video of Rob with his Lake Toho bass caught on a spinner bait.

This day we were out on the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes doing some scouting and trying out different lures. One of the best things about being a Professional Bass Guide is that during our free time, we still enjoying hitting the water and testing out different lures that companies send us. This is only one of the many things that help us stay on top of our game.

As you saw in the video, Rob boated a bass on spinner bait, we had also tossed several different soft plastics, ranging from speed craws to senko type baits. We hit a bunch of different areas that day and managed to boat bass on pretty much every spot we hit, except for two areas. Big key on this day was to hang close to areas of scattered grass beds with some lily pads mixed in.

One of the things that many people will over look is the area they fish and how bass are relating to them. What I mean here is, like I said we were catching bass in areas with scattered grass beds with “some” lily pads mixed in. Areas that were heavier with lily pads this day were not producing, so when we saw an area with the right mixture, we made sure to work it over very good. Always be aware of the surrounds that you are fishing especially when it comes to types of cover mixed together, as sometime this will be a big key to your success for the day. Please practice C.P.R Catch Photograph and Release.

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