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Lake Toho Bass Fishing Wacky Rigged

Lake Toho Bass Fishing

Lake Toho Bass Fishing has been doing great. Here is a video clip of one of many largemouth bass caught on Lake Toho today using a wacky rig set up. Bait used was a Gitem K.O. dipped in JJs Dippin Dye rigged on a 2/0 circle hook.

Lake Toho has always been one of our favorite places for Trophy Bass Fishing. Many bass every year, ten pound plus are caught out here in many different ways. Of course one of the most popular ways has always been the old reliable, wild shiners. Many anglers do not wish to use live bait, and the trend over the past few years has been anglers have been opting for artificial baits instead of the wild shiners.

Either way, the trophy bass out here can be caught. One of the best ways for searching for the bass to start out is usually a Strike King Red Eye Shad. This lure has been a very good bait as of late and has caught us a ton of bass out here. Spinner Baits, trick worms, craws and the typical worm have also been very good for producing not only numbers of bass, but some very good sized bass as well.

The soft plastics, worms, trick worms and such are always good for catching bass, but a lot of people have that senko type bait as their go to bait for catching bass when the bite gets tougher. Typically they will rig it Texas Rigged, with the hook buried into the bait and they will catch some great bass. But we have found a lot is when the bass are just “bumping” or mouthing the bait, the hottest way to catch them has been to rig the lure wacky rigged.

With this set up, what we like to use is a 2/0 circle hook right thru the mid section of the bait. This gives it the same look to the fall, but when a bass hits it, or even mouths it, it generally has already hooked itself. Very seldom have we missed a hook up when we have used this type of rigging. Another great thing about this set up, when you have people just learning to use artificial lures this has been a great way for them to catch bass and help build their confidence in a new way to fish.

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