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Lake Toho Bass Fishing, Bobs Birthday

Lake Toho Bass Fishing. Bobs Birthday and this is just one of the bass he caught. Using wild shiners, Bobs first cast of the day landed this nice largemouth bass for him.

Lake Toho Bass fishing is always a blast, especially with live wild shiners. This day had started out in an area very close to the main ramp, as we had a very thick fog to start the day. This was the first time ever for Bob on Lake Toho so Bob and my son Corey wanted to use wild shiners, this way Bob would have the best chance at some good numbers of bass on his Birthday.

The area we started in was an area that had a lot of hydrilla just below the surface and was in scattered patches, allowing me to slow troll the live bait weaving them thru the brakes in the hydrilla. One thing is for sure, it does not matter if its overcast or hot, sunny or foggy, you can usually find bass around hydrilla as bait fish will hide in the hydrilla for cover from the much fast moving largemouth bass.

Today the bass were definitely in a feeding mode, as Bob and Corey caught a bunch of Lake Toho bass and had a blast doing. Nothing makes a birthday better than a nice relaxing day out on the waters of Central Florida catching bass.

Lake Toho as well as several other lakes in the area are with 20 minutes of all three major theme parks here in Florida. Some of the best Disney area bass fishing is on Lake Toho as well as the Butler Chain of Lakes, both of which can not only produce some good numbers of bass, but some great size as well.

So if you’re here on vacation and need that break from the long lines at the theme parks, give us a call and enjoy some great bass fishing in Central Florida

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