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Lake Toho Bass Fishing August 13th

Lake Toho Bass Fishing

East Lake Toho Bass FishingThe last several days have seen some pretty good bass fishing on Lake Toho. Our main target had been East Lake Toho, which has not been letting us down. Action has been remaining pretty steady out here using artificial baits and it does seem that the artificial bait bite has been out producing the live bait.
Main lake has been yielding some good numbers as well as size, Lake Ajay has also been kicking out some good numbers as well on the chain. Senko type baits, flukes and redeye shads have been getting more than their fair share of bass out here. Most of the bass being caught have been coming from along the grass lines in about 4 to 6 foot of water with some flow. Junebug silver fleck and red shad have been the HOT colors to use out here for us.

Mike and Klye had a great time out on East Lake Toho catching bass pretty consistently all day long, with an hour break for lunch at East Lake Fish Camp.  Most of their day had been spent working the various canals out here, and the bass played very well for them. Higher winds had forced us into the canals, put with the winds pushing the waters into them, the bass were stacking up in there and we had no problem catching them, boating roughly 20 bass on the day made for a very good trip.
East Lake Toho Bass Fishing
Altho it has been hot out, my new “break for lunch” trips have been a great success with clients. That brief hour long break in the middle of the day has been all we needed to fish a full eight hour trip without getting over heated and still catch bass.

Be sure to also check out my split day trips, fish four hours in the morning, and then finishing off with four hours in the afternoon, yet another great way to beat the heat.

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