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Lake Toho and Butler Chain,Mid March 2010

Lake Toho Bass Fishing-Orlando Bass Fishing


Orlando Bass Guides/ Lake Toho Bass GuidesMid March has seen some great bass fishing action. This stretch has been split up between Lake Toho and Butler Chain.

The trips have been a mix of live wild shiners as well as all artificial bait trips. Wild shiners have been either slow trolled of the back of the boat, in areas we know either hold bass, or are spawning areas. This has been a very lethal tactic to catching the bass, and is a lot less boring than just plunking an anchor out and sitting in one spot and “waiting” for bass to come to you.

Orlando Bass Guides/ Lake Toho Bass GuidesOne very often overlooked tactic by many is as you slow troll some live bait off the back of the boat, you can also flip one into pot holes in the grasses or tight up against lily pads or reeds. All too often, this over looked option can keep the bass catching action going steady during the day.

Artificial trips have been yielding between 10 and 20 bass a day. Mostly off senko type baits and worms, but we have got some here lately on shallow running crank baits. Long A’s have been the best along with a few custom ones in bone color. For the most part, bass had seemed to be staging just off their spawning areas but have been moving in, with some really nice ones on beds, just seem to be a little spookier this year than in years past. Good polarized glasses are huge key to sneak up on the beds, along with a very silent approach. Just remember if you catch a bass from a bed, PLEASE handle her very carefully, take that picture and gently slide her right back in the water. My clients have all been loving the new Deep South Rods, these rods are light and a lot of backbone to them to really fight those bass. You can now order them direct from my web site, or call me to place your order.

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