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June Bass Fishing

Lake Jackson Trophy Bass FishingWe had the great pleasure of having Melanie and Ravi out for the morning on Johns Lake. Live wild shiners was the bait of choice with all the rains we have been getting as of late, and it was the perfect choice. The schooling action was fast and furious out here as Melanie starting the day swinging bass over the side of the boat at a pretty good pace.

Ravi was being patient as he knew his bass would come, after a few misses Ravi got his over the side of the boat and it was a good one. Turns out it was not only his first fish he caught in 8 years, but also his first ever bass before heading back to India. Schooling action held steady for about two hours, key way to catching them with the wild shiners was to freeline the bait. Johns Lake has always had some great action, and we fully expect it to continue on right thru the summer as usual.Florida Bass Fishing Guides

 Bass fishing on Lake Jackson has been off the hook folks! Eric and Russ came with me for their second day of bass fishing and Lake Jackson showed them why Florida is the Bass Fishing Capital of the World! Live wild shiners produced not only numbers but some good size as well. Once the live bait was gone, we switched up to flukes and the bass kept on biting for them. We had good cloud cover today and a breeze all day long so it made the fishing great. Flukes were tossed to the back side of lily pads and skipped across the top, if that didn’t trigger a bite we let them fall on the outside edge and that would get the strike. Big smiles and a lot of fish CATCHING stories for these two guys to tell for a while

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