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Johns Lake Schooling action

Johns Lake has seen some great bass schooling action lately and we managed to capture some on video on a recent trip. This great body of water consistantly has some good schooling action, and it is not uncommon to catch 5 plus pounders from these schools.

Schooling bass on Johns Lake is a very common thing. This great body of water holds a lot of trophy bass and is probably one of the top ten bass lakes in Central Florida. I have been bass fishing this lake for many years, and I gotta tell you that it is not too often that you won’t see some type of schooling activity out here on Johns Lake. Two of the more popular areas for schooling action are the Deer Island Cut and the Horse shoe area. Deer Island cut has seen shad runs through it so thick that at times you can lower your dip net in the water and scoop out live shad and use them for bait.

Main lake areas usually have some good off shore grass beds that will hold some trophy bass, and there are a ton of docks that can be flipped, these docks have held some great bass, as several of my clients have caught trophy bass out here. Folks were talking ten pound plus bass. Night tournaments out here can produce a three bass limit of 24 pounds, and that is usually a three hour tournament!

Popular soft plastic baits out here are Lake Fork Live Magic Shad, senko type baits, worms and a variety of flipping baits. Spinner baits, red eye shad, top water poppers, and torpedoes do very well out here also.

Swim baits as well as crank baits work very well out here as well as of course the trusty wild shiners. There is also a very good crappie population out here for those who wish to try their hand at crappie fishing. Live minnows tipped on a small jig, roadrunners and steel shad will catch some very good crappie out. This is one of those Central Florida Bass Fishing Lakes you won’t want to overlook



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