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Week ending December 18th Bass Fishing Report

Central Florida Bass Fishing GuidesKissimmee Chain of Lakes bass fishing has been doing very good for us. We have been focusing on mainly Lake Jackson as it has been producing not only some great numbers of bass, but some good size as well. We did a quick scouting trip out here to check out a few other spots. These spots in the past have produced some great trophy bass for us and have typically reloaded after a few months.

We hit the nail on the head this day. One of my favorite spots was holding a bunch of great bass and the action was pretty steady for us. We did start the morning our using live wild shiners, and as we moved to different areas we cracked out the artificial baits.

Zoom flukes in June Bug seemed to be the hot ticket with the artificial baits. Bass were relating tight to cover and seemed to prefer a mix of coverage. Lily pads with Kissimmee grass close by seemed to be the hot spots. Water temperatures started the day out at 52.7 degrees, yes folks we are in Florida, this has pushed the bass tighter to cover where we have been fishing and has made it much easier to target the bass. Once again we have seem bass with the tell tale sores on the tails from fanning beds and we have started to spot scattered beds around the lake.

Orlando Bass Fishing TripsBass Fishing in Florida is still a hook setting bonanza. Sid returned once again for some great bass fishing action out on Lake Jackson here in Central Florida. We started the day out hitting the ramp very early so we were on our first spot just before 7am. Cooler temperatures than the day before and a fog that did not let go of us until just after 10am, looked like it was going to be a tougher day than we had been used to.

We started out on that first spot, which had been great at producing not only some good numbers of bass, but also some pretty good sized bass as well. Today was a day of all wild shiners and the bass did not let us down. Tossing free lined shiners to the edges of the lily pads was the way to go, one thing we did notice was the placement of the shiners today was the big key to catching the bass. Placing the bait  a couple feet from the pad yielded little to no action at all, but if they were placed within inches of the pads, the bass played very good for us.

With the wind constantly changing directions on us, the Dig In Anchor system was awesome at holding us in place and allowed us to pin point our casts to the edges with no problem. This was a great bass fishing day for Sid, as he boated not only 21 bass in four hours, but also landed three catfish a pickerel and a big bowfin. Lot of action for Sid today and I got a pretty good work out myself zipping around the boat netting all of his fish today.

I still have a few open dates for December and January while February is booking up fast. We are expecting yet another very busy spawn season as we did this previous season, so book your bass fishing trips soon.

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